Don't fall for tech support scammers offering PC cleanup

Protect Your Personal Information.

At Tompkins Mahopac Bank, the security of your personal information is important to us. As you may be aware, scammers are posing as Microsoft employees in an effort to steal your hard-earned money.

The first major tech scam of 2016 starts like this: you receive a phone call from a blocked or international number and the caller claims to work for Microsoft. They say that you have viruses or malware on your Windows PC and it needs to be fixed. They then demand payment by credit card or another online payment system. If you resist, they become threatening and say they will destroy data. If you receive calls like this, be sure to hang up right away.

Although this scam is done over the phone, it is important to be mindful of your emails as well. As always, be very careful with any email claiming to be from Microsoft. Do not click on any link or open any attachment.  If you would like to read more regarding this tech scam and other information, visit Microsoft's tip page.

Situations like this are why we have partnered with Trusteer Rapport, a leading expert in financial security, to offer online fraud protection software. The software is customized to protect users of Tompkins Mahopac Bank Internet Banking - at no cost to you. We provide this service for free to keep your online banking experience safe and secure.

Trusteer Rapport is online fraud and identity theft protection software that protects your User ID, password, and other information from fraudsters.  It also helps prevent malware and fraudulent websites from stealing this sensitive information. Visit our IBM Trusteer Rapport page to learn more.