External Accounts FAQ

Q. What is an External Account?

A.This feature allows you to link Checking, Savings or Loan accounts with other financial institutions to your Internet Banking account. Once you have successfully linked your external accounts, they will appear in the transfer drop down menu.

Q.  How do I add an External Account?

A.  Just follow these simple steps.  You must have an active Retail Internet Banking account (Business Internet Banking customers must use the provided ACH Cash Management functions to be in compliance with NACHA authorization requirements:

  1. Log in to your Internet Banking Account
  2. Click on “Transfer”
  3. Click on “Recipients”
  4. Click “Add a Recipient”
  5. Choose “An account at another bank or credit union”
  6. Choose “Continue to form"
  7. Print the form using your browser’s print function and complete and sign section3
  8. Return your completed and signed form to us either by US Postal Service, fax or dropping off at your local branch

If you need additional assistance, click here

Q.  What happens after I create an External Account?

A.  After you submit a completed and signed form, your new external account will be added to your Internet Banking profile.  You will also receive a confirming email to let you know that the account is ready for you to transfer to or from (as applicable). 

Q.  When will my successfully scheduled external transfers be posted?

A.  Outbound Transfers are effective on the later of (i) the next banking day after the Transfer Date (as shown on the Transfer screen), or (ii) such future date as You may have indicated in your Transfer request. The external account will be credited according to the receiving bank’s availability and transaction processing schedule.  The cut off time for submitting a Transfer for same day processing is 3:00 p.m. ET each business day.

A.  Inbound Transfers will be credited to your account on the day the Transfer is effective, and the funds may be subject to holds based on our Funds Availability Policy. Your external account will be debited according to the transactions processing schedule of the other financial institution. 

Q.  Is there a fee for External Transfers?

A.  Click here to view our current Schedule of fees

Q.  How much can I transfer using this service?

A.  Click here to review our Electronic Funds Transfer disclosure for any external transfer limit restrictions.

Q.  Where can I review the Terms and Conditions?

A.  Click here to review all of our disclosures as well as our schedule of fees