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Paycheck Protection Program


The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) expires on May 31st.  To ensure we can process all applications and deliver them to the Small Business Administration prior to the deadline, our online portal will close on May 24, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. If you intend to submit an application for this round of PPP funding, we encourage you to do so in the coming days.

If you have any questions, please contact the lending officer or branch team member with whom you have been working.

Our online application portal for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding is open!

Tompkins is now accepting applications from NEW business customers!  Please review our guide below for details. 

If you haven't already, we recommend reviewing and having the materials mentioned below on hand before you begin your application. To start the application process, please proceed by using the button below.  View our PPP Application Guide for a walk through of the application process. 


Tompkins is currently accepting PPP loan applications from:

  • New Tompkins business customers, per our “New Business Customers” guide below, and
  • Current business banking customers who maintain a business checking or loan account (excluding credit cards) with Tompkins.  Applications will be accepted via our online application portal only. To make this process easier, we recommend familiarizing yourself with forms included below, as they contain the same information and questions we will require through our online application portal.

Through our portal, you will provide the information requested on the following forms:

  • First-Time PPP applicants (has not previously received a PPP loan from Tompkins or another financial institution) – refer to SBA Form 2483
  • Second-Time (Second Draw) applicants (has previously received a PPP loan from Tompkins or another financial institution) – refer to SBA Form 2483-SD

These forms can be found on the website as well.

Gather Your Documents

  • For Borrowers Not Self-Employed: Form 941 and state quarterly wage unemployment insurance tax reporting forms from each quarter in 2019 or 2020 (whichever quarter is used to calculate payroll) or equivalent payroll processor records (unless the borrower is self-employed).
  • For Partnerships: IRS Form 1065 K-1s.
  • For Self-Employed Borrowers with Employees: Borrower’s 2019 or 2020 IRS Form 1040 Schedule C, Form 941, and state quarterly wage unemployment insurance tax reporting forms from each quarter of 2019 or 2020, or equivalent payroll processor records. A payroll statement or similar documentation from the pay period that covered February 15, 2020 must be provided to establish the applicant was in operation on February 15, 2020.
  • For Self-Employed Borrowers without Employees: 2019 or 2020 Form 1040 Schedule C, 2019 or 2020 IRS Form 1099-MISC, document to establish borrower is self-employed (e.g., invoice, bank statement, book of record), and 2020 invoice, bank statement, or book of record to establish that borrower was in operation on or around February 15, 2020.
  • For “Second Draw” Loan Requests > $150,000: Profit and Loss Statements (P&Ls) or Bank Statements showing 25% decline in any quarter (or annual) 2019 vs comparable quarter (or annual) 2020. (Note: For Second Draw Loans $150,000 or less, this documentation will be required at the time of your forgiveness application.) 

In a previous communication we included links to summaries for both first draw loans, as well as second draw loans. Complete details can also be found here.

We encourage you to work with your professional advisor to understand your particular situation. Tompkins is truly proud to have assisted thousands of customers with their PPP applications in 2020, and our teams are preparing to do all that we can to continue to support our local communities. We will continue to update you as we know more and we look forward to serving you, as always. 

What to Expect on the Tompkins Portal

You will be asked to create a login/password on your first visit to the Portal.  Our Portal will then walk you through the data inputs needed to generate your complete application submission.  You will be asked eligibility-related questions, and you will have an opportunity to review and make the required certifications of eligibility.  You will also have an opportunity to upload your required documentation, and to review and confirm your agreement with Tompkins’ terms and conditions.  For loan requests over $1 million, Tompkins may require an additional review, documentation, or certifications, and thus these applications may require additional processing time before they are deemed complete applications.  At the conclusion of the portal process, you will be presented with a completed version of your application for review and electronic signature. 

New Business Customers

IMPORTANT: If you are a New Business Customer, you must apply for a business checking account prior to the submission of your PPP application through our portal.  Please see below.

  • We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications from businesses located within our geographic service areas* who do not yet maintain an active business checking or loan account with Tompkins, as described below. 
  • Please visit a Tompkins branch location to apply for a business checking account. Our branch team member will request forms of identification and information about your business and its owners to complete your checking account application. 
  • Please note that certain business types are considered “restricted” under our compliance protocols, and will not be eligible to open a checking account (and, accordingly, will not be eligible to apply for a PPP loan through Tompkins). Your branch representative will advise you as to any applicable restrictions, based on your business activities.

Your PPP loan application will not be processed until your checking account application is accepted, and your checking account is opened and verified by our operations team.  Due to the finite amount of PPP funds, and the processing/review time need to open a checking account for new customers, we strongly urge businesses who aren’t already Tompkins bank customers to contact their primary financial institution immediately to inquire about their PPP participation.

Additional Information

Completed applications, together with all supporting materials required by Tompkins, will be accepted and processed in order of verified completion, for eligible Tompkins customers at this time. To facilitate fairness of the process, the Portal applications queue will be used to confirm time and order of submission. Therefore, the Portal is the only available method to submit your application.  If you are having difficulty accessing/submitting your application via the Portal, please immediately notify your primary Tompkins contact to discuss your options.  Please note that Tompkins’ participation in the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program remains subject to change at any time at our discretion, without prior notice. If Tompkins determines that there has been an overwhelming response to the Program which exceeds Tompkins’ ability to process applications from current customers and/or New Business Customers in a timely manner, Tompkins reserves the right to suspend acceptance of applications from one or both such customer groups at any time, without prior notice. To close an approved loan, the business applicant will be required to have an active business checking account, and to sign closing documents (including Promissory Note, Borrower Certification & Disbursement, Authorization, Borrowing Resolutions, and Settlement Statement), copies of which are available for review upon request.

All loans are subject to SBA and bank approval. The terms and conditions of Tompkins’ participation in the Paycheck Protection Program are subject to change at any time at our discretion, without prior notice. Tompkins is not responsible if the finite amount of SBA funds are depleted prior to Tompkins’ submission of Applicant's application. Tompkins assumes no duty to timely notify applicants if they submit an incomplete application, nor to notify applicants if they have not followed the Tompkins PPP Loan Procedures.  For all these reasons, eligible applicants are encouraged to establish (or maintain) your business checking account, and submit your completed application, with all supporting documentation, at your earliest opportunity.

*New Business Customers must have a business mailing address in at least one of the following counties:

Connecticut Counties:


New York Counties:


Pennsylvania Counties:


We are accepting applications for forgiveness on your Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loan.

Please note, the online forgiveness portal is open for loans disbursed in 2020 only. We will post information regarding forgiveness for PPP loans disbursed in 2021 as the SBA makes the information available.

To begin your application, you will need to provide your:

  • Employer Identification Number (“EIN”)
  • SBA Loan Number  (You can find your SBA loan number on your PPP Loan Documents.)
  • Email address

If you are unsure of or unable to supply any of the information noted above, please call 1-888-300-0110.

On August 10, 2020  we hosted an informational webinar to review the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) Forgiveness process.

The webinar covered important components of the application process and the rules for determining forgiveness.  

Access the recording of the PPP Forgiveness informational webinar